Nowdays In Malaysia the user for internet for business growing so fast.The bigger name  “Otai” like  irfan khairi , Saifulsham ,Alang, syed ikhwan,  Smartusaha , Titanumhijau ,matzis, sifu-lan, Shahraduan and many more that i not listed here.i Hope i can  be like them in future :).

Thanks to all visitors that viewing my blog as i’m newbie. Who am i ? Most people asking that particular question . ok .. i will tell who i am . I’m as people out there , got dream to be on of the million people gain money in internet business.

Sometimes we can make money with MLM. Blogging , Adsense , Ebay , Online shop or anything else . My focus in the internet now is to make money with my online shop lovetupperware and ebay & Alpha Lipid sd2 & Alpha lipid SD2 Alor Setar but i need a lot to learn how to success in internet business such as Marketing , SEO , blogging . My journey to get my target is like a painting . A lot of step to success and i working on it .

For those visit my blog , hope can give a good comment and tips so i  can learn more. Thats for now i think 🙂 . I’m not good in writing english but still learn.

From the honest Admin

Syed Ammar Faiz Syed Jaladin Al jamalullail